Marc Watts

Technology and Business Consultant

You need a technology expert so you can crush your competition.

My name is Marc Watts and I help Business Leaders like yourself make better decisions.

By collaborating and working together, I can be the consultant that gives you the safety of knowing you are moving in the right direction. Your success is based on great business decisions and you can only make those decisions when you have the knowledge.


Independent and smart advice like you’ve never had before.

Independent advice

Sick of sales people trying to tell you what you need? Unsure if your current tech suppliers are ripping you off because you don’t understand what they do? Don’t know how to become more efficient? Trust those around you by obtaining independent advice.

WHICH technology

Are you using the right SAAS systems? Is your website using the latest technologies including being a PWA using a frontend javascript technology? Only a technlogy consultant who learns your business can give you the right advice for your business.

20 Years of EXPERIENCE

Data analysis, dependency injection, building link farms, content management strategies, component building, business growth. I’ve been at the core of many projects and have an enormous amount of online technical knowledge.

How to do things better

Right now you are missing out on many opportunities to make your business better. I have the ability to understand your business in great detail which results in a clear picture of where you are and where you need to go. Now is the time to make things better.

BECOME more efficient

Efficiency will give you the edge over your competitors. To become more efficient you need to understand in great depth the systems and processes that will achieve this feat.Nothing will change unless you change who you work with and the advice that is given.


I’ve been in business long enough to know there’s negativity, hardships and times you just feel like giving up. But you are smart, dedicated and achieving more than most others. Keep the right people around you that think like you, act like you and achieve like you.


Never before has the world been changing so rapidly. You need a business and technology consultant to make smarter decisions so you can crush your competiton.


Business consulting, financial analysis, management discussions, staff recruitment and training, business tech initiations, leadership


Data analysis, insights, recommendations, reporting setup, product guidance, website audits and evaluations

Digital Marketing

Content marketing strategies, link building, website optimisations, analytics and reporting, paid advertising, social marketing


Proficient in over 30 programming languages including coding constructs, mentoring others, system architecture, planning, technlogy stacks, code reviews, cloud system setup and overall tech advice


Running multiple businesses over the last 10 years, was a lead developer at 3 different Melbourne companies, written over 1 million lines of code, mentored many staff members, created and organised financial statements and budgets, part of Boards and management meetings, and a clear ability to understand technology and business like no-one else.

Staff training
System audits
Technlogy stack
Documentation writing

Go further

Increase sales
Decrease costs
Better decisions
More efficiences
Technlogy implementation

The difference

Independent advice
Hands on experience
Transparent and honest
Intelligent conversations
Determined and dedicated

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I work with business leaders who want to make smarter business decisions